Production is under increasing pressure to deal with smaller volumes of orders, with less time to process & less time to deliver the finished product. Buyers order less labels at more regular intervals with closer deadlines and have a close eye on keeping costs down. A number of digital possibilities for the label producer currently exists, from desk top thermal transfer printers to high end clean room print only solutions.

The new d-Tex concept is the first equipment designed specifically for this application. The d-Tex is a practical industrial production level machine and an effective method of producing short run digitally printed garment & apparel labels based on proven technology developed over several years by Focus Label in our packaging & paper division.

The launch of the Focus d-Tex concept equipment coincides with emerging Inkjet single pass print technology which will deliver quality & industrial performance suitable all label manufacturers who want to capitalize on fast changing market habits for shorter runs, high quality and variable data applications.

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The d-Tex machine

10 labels or 100,000 labels, the d-Tex delivers effectively with a digital print solution, combining an entry level 2 colour (MK) or full colour (CMYK) inkjet system.

Typical running speeds of up to 30-60 mts/min are achievable with high end software that will handle small orders, variable data and high resolution graphics.

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