Semi Rotary Die Cutting

The advantages of semi-rotary die-cutting is the saving on tooling inventory both in Magnetic base tools & flexible dies. Depending on the size of the label and the length of the run, you can decide how to manage your production costs. You can opt for a small flexi die-plate or a large one. The smaller the plate will be, the less costly and more beneficial for smaller runs. Besides that, with a semi-rotary system you only need one magnetic cylinder instead of one for every repeat size! so you can reduce any unforeseen costs for those oddball size labels that sometimes present themselves. For short runs semi-rotary is excellent for a quickset up with reduced possibility of waste. The Semi-Rotary systems is widely accepted option on our Digital hybrid printing & finishing systems (Reflex & dFlex), however it is equally relevant to the Proflex & eFlex full converting line too.



MAX SPEED : 80Mts/min (dependent on label size)

APPLICATIONS : Short run Self-Adhesive labels (Digital & Conventional)

COMPATIBILITY: Reflex, dFlex, Proflex, eFlex


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