TTC100 – Ultrasonic Cutting Machine

The TTC provides a low maintenance system for cutting labels using Ultrasonic cutting technology. The equipment can be used independently or combined with a Thermal printer for ‘on demand’ digitally printed garment labels. Quick and easy to set up we provide single cut or folding options.

  • Ultrasonic cutting
  • Key pad programming for cut length
  • Link up Kit for Thermal Transfer printer (Print & Cut)
  • Single Cut/ Folding options.
  • Applications: Garment Labels, Decorative Ribbons.

Ultrasonic cutting technology uses sound frequencies to generate vibrations; these vibrations are what move the cutting blade of the machines. The high speed of these vibrations mean that the blade moves back and forth thousands of times per second which enables the cutting blade to cut through materials with ease, even those materials that are more difficult to cut; this is because the high speed prevents anything from sticking to or moving with the cutting blade.

These cutting systems also benefit from design which allows easy access for cleaning and inspection to keep maintenance and production time to a minimum.

Ultrasonic cutting systems results are fast and accurate, even with difficult to cut fabrics that are sensitive, sticky or laminated and Focus Label Machinery are pioneers in the development of this technology, creating a low maintenance, low cost system that is versatile enough to work on a variety of applications without compromising on quality.

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Cutting Machine (Textile/Garment Labels)

Focus Garment & Apparel Printed Label cutting system, with option for Thermal Printer link up for In Line printing and cutting of Labels in a single operation
  • Flexo
  • Industrial Inkjet
  • Phoseon
  • Meech
  • Lundberg
  • Nazdar