Heat Transfers are a popular method of branding garments especially those used in sportswear, underwear or skin contact apparel. The new Tagtrans 225 Pro-Screen compliments the existing Tagtrans 150 Screen & LX rotary Presses. These printing systems provides the most cost effective investment and practical method of production of heat transfers. Focus has dedicated its research to provide Multi Colour, high definition, no Halo, wash resistant transfers with the minimum of waste.

  • Single & Multi-Colour Halo free Transfers
  • Large print are for high production capacity
  • Servo drives for accurate Register control systems reducing waste.
  • New High capacity Thermo controlled drying system
  • Safety Compliant Inks (Water & Solvent)
  • Screen & Rotary Printing system options, or combination
  • Applications: Tagless Labels, Heat Transfers, Decorative branding transfers

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TagTrans 225 ProScreen

TagTrans 225 ProScreen Printing of Tagless Labels/Care Labels for Application in Garments
  • Flexo
  • Industrial Inkjet
  • Phoseon
  • Meech
  • Lundberg
  • Nazdar