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Security labels and tapes are an important addition to the packaging of most products, in order to ensure that these labels and tapes work correctly it is important that they are made to a high standard; this is where Focus Label Machinery comes in.

Tamper evident tapes & film products are produced by combining printed images, coatings and special adhesives. The finished tape product can be applied to the packaging of high-value products, if this tape is removed then part of the image remains on the packaging, therefore proving that the product has been opened.

These products are used for many different applications including Logistics, Security, Warranty & Brand Protection.

Here at Focus we have four security label and tape machines available, the Proflex machine, the eFlex machine, the dFlex machine, and the Reflex machine. All four of these machines are top of the range and have a great selection of features that are sure to fulfil all your security label and tape needs.

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For more information on either the eFlex, dFlex, Reflex or the Proflex machine please click on the relevant link below.

Security Labels & Tapes Machines

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